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10 Ways To Prevent Influenza For Children At Home

watch 15/02/2023

Influenza is a common illness in children during the changing seasons. Moreover, recently there has been an outbreak of acute pneumonia with symptoms similar to common colds such as fever, cough, shortness of breath, etc. This is a dangerous disease with a rapid spread rate. fast. Therefore, mothers need to be equipped with knowledge about how to best prevent flu for their children. This disease is very easily transmitted through direct contact, especially when children live in the same environment and classroom. In fact, as long as an infected child coughs or sneezes, other children who are exposed to the small droplets containing the flu virus that fly from their mouth and nose will also be likely to get sick. So how to care for and prevent flu for children at home?

1. Teach your child to cough or sneeze properly

Teaching children to cough or sneeze properly will limit the risk of respiratory infection. Cover your mouth with your elbow or use a tissue when coughing and sneezing. Immediately after, children need to put the tissue in the trash, and then wash their hands with antibacterial soap.
If your child sees anyone else coughing or sneezing, cover your face with a tissue and walk the other way, then throw the tissue in the trash and wash your hands with antibacterial soap.

2. Limit touching your face

Try to repeat repeatedly with your child about limiting touching the face, especially the T-zone (eyes, nose and mouth). Because hands or objects can be contaminated with fluid and make children easily infected.

3. Do not kiss the child's face

This is one of the main problems that parents themselves inadvertently violate the most. At this stage, if you want to show love to your baby, you should only kiss the back of the head, especially for babies and young children.

The incubation period can be from 0 to 14 days, during which time the patient may not have any unusual symptoms. Therefore, it is best to make sure to keep your child at a certain safe distance, mom.

4. Always ensure cleanliness

With the rapid spread of the disease, health experts recommend that people should wash their hands often. Wash your hands according to the instructions of the Ministry of Health, wipe again with a tissue, then turn off the faucet with the same tissue and throw it in the trash to prevent bacteria from getting back to clean hands.

In addition, you may not know, avoiding gathering and eating in crowded places is one of the most effective ways to prevent flu for children.

5. Ensure proper living habits

To prevent flu, mothers should ensure their children's lifestyle as follows: eat 3 meals a day, sleep early and get enough sleep.

6. Always keep room temperature at 27-28 degrees Celsius

Make sure to keep the room temperature at about 27-28 degrees Celsius, the mother will help the baby's body not get cold and avoid the risk of weakened immunity.

7. Vitamin C Supplement

To help your baby have high resistance, prevent flu, mothers need to strengthen their child's immune system by supplementing vitamin C daily. According to experts, vitamin C also has a great effect in preventing complications of the flu.
Mothers can supplement vitamin C for children from foods such as cabbage, spinach or a glass of orange juice in the morning is best.
Note, mothers also need to balance nutrition in their children's meals and make sure to "eat cooked and drink boiling".

8. Give children age-appropriate exercise

Keeping up with sports activities will help the young body become stronger and increase physical strength. When you have a healthy body, you have more physical strength to prevent flu.
At each age of your child, you can choose the right sports for your child. For boys, you can direct your children to sports: jogging, indoor soccer,... For girls, you can direct children to sports: skipping rope, learning to dance, ... With these sports, mothers can easily let their children do it at home and about 2-3 sessions/week.

9. Wear a mask

Have your child wear a face mask that fits properly when outdoors or in crowded places. If it is not necessary, parents should consider letting children live at home.

10. Monitor the child's reaction to fever

If the child has a fever below 38.5 degrees Celsius, the mother can reduce the fever by applying a warm towel. Mothers can use a soft cloth dipped in warm water about 30 degrees Celsius to wipe the baby's body, especially the forehead, armpit and groin area. In addition, mothers need to take their children to medical facilities for timely diagnosis and treatment advice.

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