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From sickness to recovery

watch 27/10/2022

How to aid a quick recovery Unwell can happen at a time when we least need or expect it. Poor immunity or persistently unwell seems to be able to persist, and it can be common to develop […]

How to support quick recovery

Unwell can happen at a time when we least need or expect it. Poor immunity or persistently unwell seems to be able to persist, and it may be common to develop ongoing immune challenges following infection. Usually, some of the more common side effects after an infection, like fatigue and exhaustion, are more common in people who are sensitive or have more vulnerable immune systems.

Support your recovery

Providing comprehensive immune support often requires a combination of immune-supporting ingredients such as botanicals, vitamins and minerals, or scientifically researched immune compounds that work together to promote recovery and relief of symptoms.

Like the famous natural, immune-supporting herbs, Echinacea and Elderberry. Both are revered for their powerful immune-supporting properties and as well as for alleviating the symptoms of common winter bugs.

Also take a holistic approach and consider how your overall health can affect your recovery. Like your diet, stress levels and daily exercise make sure you support your health.

With the new kids on the block, Quercetin and AP Bio™, they are highly effective immune support ingredients.

Quercetin's unique immunological properties

Quercetin is a great synthetic as it helps speed up immune recovery when unwell and supports a healthy immune response in the body. Quercetin helps calm an overactive immune system and supports an immune response. Our immune potential often starts with our diet and the basic building blocks of health and happiness like Vitamin D or C and Zinc. Our vitamin and mineral levels help determine our long-term health and can help support us when we are unwell or help us stay healthy. Quercetin can be found in vegetables such as onions, broccoli or fruit (apples, berries, and grapes), and in your favorite white or red wine. Quercetin acts as a potent antioxidant, helping to protect from any cell damage. It is known as a great flavonoid, rich in active plant compounds called polyphenols.

Power of AP Bio™

AP Bio™ is scientifically researched to help modulate the immune response, reduce recovery time, and help support quick symptom relief when you may need it. AP Bio™ is scientifically researched to support and relieve symptoms ranging from head stress to temperature balance and muscle fatigue. Not only does it help with the immune response, but it also helps clear excessive respiratory mucus.

One of the direct and effective ways AP Bio™ works is by stimulating Natural Killer (NK) immune cells in the body.

These are specialized white blood cells (wbcs) that are an essential part of the immune system, helping us to maintain and recover well. Essentially, NK cells act as immune warriors of the immune system, helping to protect and ward off invaders that may not be good and make us unwell. NK cells work to ensure a healthy immune system response.


Vitamins are essential for our biological function, especially our immune function. Our top 3 immune vitamins would be A, C and D. Vitamin A isn't just important for the health of all of our 'mucous membranes' – the tissues that line our intestines, sinuses and lungs. us, but it is especially important for our immune response to the virus. Vitamin C has long been known as a natural immune booster. Vitamin C helps with the health of your tissues (it's used to make collagen) and the mobility and functioning of our white blood cells, the ones that fight off infections. Vitamin D! Oh sun, glorious sun. We have all heard about the importance of Vitamin D, which we get when exposed to the sun. More and more research is showing that Vitamin D doesn't just help protect our bones. More and more we understand Vitamin D plays an important role in helping to activate our immune defenses and prevent infections, especially respiratory infections. So sunlight provides us with Vitamin D if our skin is adequately exposed, so remember to get out in the sun during the winter months.


Minerals are the most abundant compounds in our body. Minerals important for immune function are Zinc and Iron. Zinc is important for the replication of every cell, so it is important at times of growth (e.g., children, adolescents, pregnancy), repair (tissue healing after an accident) or surgery) and disease (think of all those few extra white blood cells being worked on!). Zinc has a specific role in the immune system, so if you seem more prone to infections or take longer to recover than average, think zinc. Iron is also needed for immune function because people with iron deficiency anemia are much more susceptible to infections. If in doubt, a blood test can easily detect iron deficiency.

Daily ways to recover well

Include these top five recovery tips into your week to aid your recovery

1. Time to rest and recover – Get enough sleep

Make sure that your sleep hygiene is at the top of your recovery list. Body cells are able to recover and repair more during sleep, including immune cell responses. So, pull yourself together and aim for 7-9 hours a night.

2. Hydration

We are all aware of the importance of water in our daily lives. It is necessary for most body functions. Especially we can often become dehydrated while unwell due to the increased water requirement from all the slime and sometimes increased sweating.

3. Include enough foods nutrients

Think warm broth, bone, or hearty braised soup with winter vegetables, radishes, kumara, pumpkin and carrots, all nutrient-rich sources of vitamins A, C, E and antioxidants (substances) protect our body's cells, including immune cells).

4. Keep warm

The steam produced from warm or hot drinks helps to act as a bronchodilator (which relaxes the muscles to widen the airways). This supports the airways and blood vessels around the nose and mouth and makes breathing easier. Think about how a hot shower can help when you're unwell to give you some relief.

5. Sinus wash

This old but effective home remedy can help you clear out your sinuses. You can buy a pack of sinus rinses with a sinus rinse or saline solution to clear your sinuses at your local pharmacy.

Finding what works for you is always the most important part of any good recovery plan. Using a combination of healthy ingredients and scientifically researched ingredients can help you not only recover well, but maintain immune health during the tougher winter months of the year.

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