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How to decipher your cough?

watch 27/10/2022

How to know more about your cough? Often, when we experience sniffles and stuffy noses, they can continue to develop into respiratory stress or affect everyday lung health. We may need more support for lung function [...]

How to know more about your cough?

Often, when we experience sniffles and stuffy noses, they can continue to develop into respiratory stress or affect everyday lung health. We may need more support for lung and bronchial function or healthy breathing; This can be common to both adults and children.

Help you recover

There are different types of coughs and knowing which ones can help restore your health and how you can best support yourself and your family. As we approach the evening gets darker and the clocks are reset to daylight saving between the seasonal change to the cooler months of fall.

The change or drop in new fall temperatures may be related to allergies and the natural proliferation of many species of seasonal bugs. Respiratory health can often take a hit at this time of year, and for people like asthma patients, it can cause more respiratory or respiratory stress.

The 5 most common types of cough

Dry cough

It's like a normal dry cough or it can be a dry cough, and the air is dry like an air conditioner, heat pump, etc. can silence cough. Often feels ticklish and may be accompanied by a dry throat from coughing and repeated for the person, so it can be tiring over time. It may turn into a productive cough as it progresses.

Dry cough

Probably the most common type of cough and respiratory illness. It is moist and secretes a lot of mucus. Our lungs are trying to help move mucus and make us stronger, but that can last for some illnesses like bronchitis, pneumonia, and infections. Pay extra attention and seek out healthcare professionals to help with diagnosis and recovery.

Dry cough

Cough is very common in young children and asthmatics. Cough wheezes on exhalation and is common in young children. What sounds like a whistle could be due to mucus congestion and inflammation. A wheezing sound in children is called stridor if it resembles a musical sound and is associated with upper respiratory swelling in conditions such as croup. In addition, it requires a healthcare consultation for a diagnosis and treatment plan.


May be common, in people with allergies and in children, along with lung cancer. Cold air and then a steam bath can help cure these types of coughs.

Whooping cough

Whooping cough is caused by the bacteria Bordetella pertussis. This disease has 3 stages: stage  paroxysmal , paroxysmal and convalescent usually in children. We recommend getting advice from a healthcare professional as part of the diagnosis and recovery process .

Decoding our bronchial health

Listening to our bronchial and respiratory conditions can help us decipher the type of cough or level of additional support we may need. Help us recover from illness and provide more immediate relief from immediate signs and symptoms of respiratory illness.

Ultimately helping us to be healthy and well-rounded. Natural respiratory botanicals like #thyme and #mullein for healthy breathing and airway support with #echinacea for daily immune protection can help with daily recovery and vitality.

These can be important ingredients for recovery and extra lung support to help with allergies or when unwell with chest tightness and constant airway irritation. Furthermore, the herbs that can help here are  #marshmallow and #marshmallow . These substances can act as natural relievers for tight and uncomfortable chests to help relax and relieve strained breathing for both dry and dry coughs.

The best way for optimal recovery

Finding the best path for your family and personal health involves many contributing factors such as diet, rest, goals, sleep hours, physical activity and immediate environment along with our mental health. Treating the whole picture of health and well-being includes all those essential ingredients to restore and restore our health.

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