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How to navigate 2022

watch 27/10/2022

As we move into a new normal as lockdown measures change and move forward again. A sense of freedom is being felt and for many can be a welcome relief in the midst of a year filled with […]

As we move into a new normal as lockdown measures change and move forward again. A sense of freedom is being felt and for many can be a welcome relief in the midst of a tumultuous year. It can also be a difficult time for some, as mixed emotions can be felt between the world's reopening and a new normal unfolding.

Lock effect

While locked up, a new sense of normality was developed, and for some of us, the new habits we created while locked up became a blanket of safety, such as staying at home. home more, work from home or commute less and spend more time with family. These things have become a part of life and are beneficial when it comes to helping us reset and discover the essentials for emotional well-being. It also helps to establish a more balanced and productive work life.

As creatures of habit, we are naturally wired to adapt and develop resilience. Falling into new habits can easily become part of our daily lives once developed. So changing them all over again can often bring on more feelings of stress, uncertainty, and overwhelm, as they may have become part of our safety blanket during times of uncertainty. and challenging. The initial hard parts of the lockdown like changing habits and creating new habits can have a double effect on us, once we've adjusted them, they can now bind us, makes it difficult for us to go back to the way we were before.

Casual search – what's right for you

Leaving a lockdown can create stress, anxiety, and feelings of panic just as starting a lockdown can cause these feelings for many people. In the face of worldwide uncertainty, constant feelings of stress and anxiety can become a new problem. Research shows us that avoiding anything helps us feel less stressed to begin with but creates more stress in the long run as we avoid it more. Re-interacting with people and social situations can take time, and being comfortable during this period will be more beneficial to your health. Taking it slow can help even more as we learn to readjust once again to the new normal.

Top essential ways to help adjust and find you again

1. Include a re-adjustment phase, make sure you introduce things slowly and at a pace that works for you. Learning to say no or have healthy boundaries is sometimes good and necessary for your own well-being. Makes you more productive and happier if you work at your own pace and what feels right to you.

2. Having a support network, sharing your problems with others who understand or help you can help. Create a network to help you when you're feeling down because others may feel the same way, supporting each other can help more and promote understanding, a vision and approach healthy.

3. Being in the present moment, mindfulness can help feel more positive and support happiness by including meditation or deep breathing into your daily practice, which can act as a component Natural restoration for the health of body and mind. Helps you control your feelings. Stress and overwhelm by deep breathing helps center our nervous system and control our stress response, helping to calm and calm cortisol, one of our main stress hormones.

4 . Doing favorite activities and hobbies, this should always be a part of our daily lives, ensuring that we include this in our daily lives can help balance and encourage feeling calm inside. Anything that relieves you of stress or brings a sense of joy are essential tools for your happiness.

Including these in your day or week is important for feeling good and helping with stress recovery. Help motivate us and inspire us in moving forward and act as natural promoters of energy and well-being, both mentally and physically, for the overall well-being of the body. body and spirit.

As we move into change again, including all of the above or even one of these wellness tips can help support us feeling and staying healthy and moving forward. and rediscover our new normal and what works best for you. Natural and botanical ingredients like Passionflower, Ashwagandha, L-theanine and Kava, all of which act as nervous system support or help with clarity and focus, while calming and balancing the stress response.

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