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How to support expectant mothers immune health

watch 27/10/2022

The way we live, often the hectic daily routine, often affects us the most. And we become what we live or do every day. Even in our ordinary day-to-day tasks, we can feel exhausted and overwhelmed by all the […]

The way we live, often the hectic daily routine, often affects us the most. And we become what we live or do every day. Even in the ordinary everyday tasks, we can feel exhausted and overwhelmed by all that is needed and needs our energy or focus.

Meeting our nutritional needs is hard enough when we're just taking care of ourselves and can feel like a struggle at times, so when we're trying to meet our additional immune needs, we may see a need for more support.

Daily immune support options

There are many choices in boosting our daily immune health from herbal and nutritional ingredients to a multitude of superfood options. We now know that superfoods include humble apples or greens like spinach and kale, even the most common foods in our pantry like red onions and carrots or squash and zucchini. kumara are all super-nutrient boosters. From vitamin A, beta carotene, and quercetin, all of these nutrients give us immunity and give us a quick vitamin boost.

How can we maintain immune health during pregnancy?

Using the right supplements for immune support can help keep us healthy. Consists of safe and traditionally used ingredients that help us live healthy and maintain optimal health. In addition to helping support healthy energy levels and nutrition, it also supports our internal and external health, keeping us healthy from the inside out.

Why is it important to prioritize immunity while expecting?

Just like our gut, contains up to 70% of immune cells, thus influencing our daily health and immune response. The human endometrium also contains a variety of immune cells, primarily Natural Killer (NK) cells. NK cells are like the immune warriors of our immune system, they help us stay healthy by eliminating unwanted bugs and invaders.

The endometrium and its immune cells, just like the intestines can be affected by the health of our internal microbiome, our uterus can also be affected. We usually have more bacteria than cells, so basically the entire human system and microbiome affects our entire life. Immune cells are pretty smart and they can sense the presence of microorganisms (so our immune cells can recognize the health of their friendly bacteria or microorganisms). presence and then communicate with them), which ultimately affects whether we have a healthy immune response when unwell, or when more is needed).

So taking care of your gut health and overall microbiome is the ultimate way to stay healthy and provide some extra immune support during a time when your nutritional and immune needs may increase. High. There is often communication between different body systems such as the gut and brain, so immunity is also part of that process during pregnancy and depends on healthy cell communication.

Top tips for immunity

There are certain aspects of your immune response that actually become more active when you're pregnant. This is a common reason why you may experience more chills and chills during pregnancy, your immune system is working a little harder and can be a big help during pregnancy. this, but possible overactivity makes you more vulnerable in a number of ways to the bugs that are circulating in the winter.

Check out the top five tips below for staying healthy during the winter months in anticipation:

  1. Sleep – has always been an essential immune-boosting ingredient when we're pregnant, which is even more important in helping us stay healthy. At least 8-9 hours is the recommended amount of sleep needed to help boost immune recovery and restore optimal energy levels.
  2. Diet – our daily diet helps us feel energized or stressed, keeping in unprocessed fats, proteins and complex carbohydrates can give us a boost. health naturally. Think olive oil, nuts and seeds, along with moderate amounts of fresh fish, for omega 3, or seaweed for an iodine boost. Protein such as full greek yogurt or almonds, walnuts, tempeh or sunflower and pumpkin seeds for filling and easy sprinkles for extra protein boost to add to a salad for lunch, dinner or dinner breakfast or even in fruit smoothies.
  3. Drink water – an old but good recommendation, staying hydrated will help provide energy and healthy blood circulation. So, aim for at least 1 liter a day, think herbal teas, water-rich vegetables like zucchini, lettuce, cumber, celery, and fruits like strawberries and watermelon all helps us reach that optimal hydration point.
  4. Supplements for pregnant women – In times of need, complementary nutritional supplements can help. Taking a good vitamin or folate supplement along with advice from a healthcare professional on what you may need is an easy way to make sure you're getting enough to help support a healthy pregnancy and often your needs. important during this time.
  5. Exercise – Finding out what works for you and works well for this time is most important. Yoga, walking, and swimming are some of the popular favorites. Exercise helps support healthy endorphin release, which in turn improves mood and energy and keeps us mentally and physically healthy. It acts as a natural health booster to keep us healthy and happy.

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