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Immunity back to school

watch 27/10/2022

The immune system is constantly evolving from birth, keeping us healthy and acting as our inner protective shield against insects and vermin. Usually, some exposure is needed to develop and achieve a […]

The immune system is constantly evolving from birth, keeping us healthy and acting as our inner protective shield against insects and vermin. Usually, some exposure is needed to develop and achieve a strong, healthy immune system from an early age.

But how much is too much?

The most common question we frequently get is, to what extent should we be exposed? Our new blog discusses this in more detail as a general guide for parents.

Day Care Magic – Daily Immunity

We are all different in our genetics, lifestyle, diet and environment. All help shape our innate immune response. Our health can vary significantly from person to person, and there will be times when additional support is needed. Often, one of the most fundamental times our children may need additional immune support or immune boosters is at the start of daycare, kindergarten or a new school year.

While it is completely natural for children to be exposed to new errors that may not have been introduced at home when starting school or in child care, extra support during this time can be best for everyone in the family. .

How much immune support is needed?

There is never a one-size-fits-all approach, and considering what might work best for you and your child is always the best path forward, but where do you start? The gut provides us with up to 70% of our immune cells, so good gut health really promotes a healthy immune response in the body.

For any young child with a poor gut or struggling with ongoing tummy problems, extra immune support can help support a strong and effective immune response to bugs. year round. Anxious young children can also benefit here, as stress makes us prone to making unwanted mistakes. Helping to calm and settle small but tired minds to ease into new school routines can help support their internal immune defenses.

What helps? Ideal immune support solutions

Finding calm for anxious and overwhelmed kids is part of everyone's happiness and a peaceful home. Herbs like Chamomile can help soothe stressed nerves and colic. Other botanicals like Elderberry and famous immune superstars like Echinacea can also help as daily natural immune defense options to support school and day care.

Encouraging enough sleep and taking time to rest has always been an essential tool for staying healthy. While sometimes difficult for young children, a consistent bedtime routine is often beneficial for mood balance, general health, and immunity. Pulling the curtains, reading a bedtime story, and soaking in a warm bath with Epsom salts or lavender can help lull a child into a comfortable and sleepy evening after a long day of play or work at home. school.

More natural options for a runny or stuffy nose are mint, wormwood, and elderflower; These herbs are great safe alternatives for congested bloating for adults and children. They help support a good night's sleep to soothe a full nose and clear mucus for an easier recovery time.

Essentials for an Immune Cabinet

Having these on hand in the medicine cabinet can help when we need it, often with young children in the middle of the night or early in the morning. Keeping an immune first aid kit in the home can help ease everyone's stress and provide stronger support for those who are unwell when they may need them.

Use them when we need them to help recover faster and support immunity for longer lasting benefits.

For kids:

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For you:

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Golden balance – increase healthy immunity

As children grow, we care, nurture and provide the fundamentals for optimal health including mental and physical health as well as immune support when we need to be adults. part of that natural reaction. Help the body in times of need with immune herbs that help support and promote immune defense for developing minds and bodies when they need it most.

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