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Prepare for the colder months to come

watch 27/10/2022

Preparing for the Colder Months to Come How do we live well into the upcoming colder months while the days begin to shorten and the touches of late autumn bring with it ever-changing temperatures? Many individuals are sensitive to change [...]

Prepare for the colder months to come

How do we live well into the colder months to come while the days begin to shorten and the touches of late autumn bring with it ever-changing temperatures? Many individuals are sensitive to sudden temperature changes which can often lead to feeling unwell and debilitating, along with a busy lifestyle and taking care of others or family.

We can help ourselves well by including the following top 5 tips to help us stay healthy and stay healthy this winter.

Our top 5 tips for healthy living

  1. Keep warm and dry. Wearing layers can be helpful if you get sick easily or you struggle with temperature changes.
  2. Including time off into your week helps year-round but helps support immunity, health and recovery. Think productive naps or quality sleep along with hobbies and activities that give you contentment.
  3. Includes important nutrients like vitamin C and vitamin D to help maintain an optimal and effective immune defense system in the body for everyday health. Foods such as fish, sardines, salmons or nuts and seeds, algae, or dairy products provide vitamin D. Fresh peppers, kiwis, feijoas, oranges, and seasonal citrus fruits freezing can help boost vitamin C levels. In a situation where there is a need for supplementation such as unwell or repeated illness, the use of a supplement may provide some additional support.
  4. Whole grains and unprocessed foods are a simple tool to help stay healthy, but an essential way to maintain our long-term health. Think soups or veggie soups on cold nights, hearty breakfasts of sourdough eggs or scrambled tempeh or tofu, including ginger, turmeric or cumin and cumin seasonings to warm and aid digestion during the colder months. Supports gut health in addition to providing extra nutrition and easy-to-digest food for healthy digestion, and good gut health helps our immediate immune response.
  5. Getting enough sleep and enough sleep always means daily happiness. Not only how many hours we sleep, but the quality of our sleep is important for immune health, gut health, mood, and overall body health. Going to bed before 10 p.m. is often recommended for a healthy sleep-wake cycle and then using the same time each day and the same routine helps establish a healthy sleep routine that is consistently part of your routine. Good sleep hygiene.

Effective botanicals for recovery

Includes effective and immune-supporting herbs that can help reset your adrenal glands and sleep-wake cycles and help boost immunity in times of need.

Herbs like  #Thyme , #Echinacea , #Kawakawa #Elecampane , #Ginger, #Horseflower , #Manuka honey , #Marshmallow root , #Mullein , #White Horehound can help with many problems, including This includes healthy immunity and respiratory function for optimal lung health and quick recovery time.

Powerful herbs for extra immune support

Get extra support to help clear blocked or congested noses and sinuses with  #Elderflower , #Peppermint , and #Ribwort , which can make every day a little easier with helping to clear nasal passages and reduce snorts. more around.

Powerful Immune Herbs Elderberries and Olive Leaves are great choices for everyday immune support or in times of need in the family and to boost immune recovery. Usually this happens during the colder months of the year when we often find that we need a little more immune support to get us through and help us stay healthy.

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