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Top wellness tips for healthy weight management

watch 27/10/2022

How do we stay healthy and manage our weight properly?

Stay healthy, including our emotional and physical well-being. In order to maintain optimal health, what we consume emotionally, such as our work or home environment, thoughts, sleep habits, and lifestyle, all have the potential to help or hinder our emotional health. we.

Just like our diet, the food we eat is more than just calories, it can nourish, restore and revitalize us when we may need it most, while providing provides us with the nutrients, energy we need and more.

Why do whole foods help us achieve holistic health?

Eating processed or fortified foods makes it harder for our bodies to break down and is easily digestible, which often means we can consume more because it has what we call empty calories, low nutritional value but delicious should encourage us to eat more. Once you start including more whole foods in your diet, it's easier to get things done, they give us energy, make us feel good, and you'll be fine. find that they help your health, simply more restorative and nutritious.

The easy way to healthy weight management

Recent research shows that it's not how much we eat that determines our weight or health, but what we eat. Not all foods are created equal. Higher calorie foods contribute to more weight gain than higher servings of lower calorie foods like vegetables and fruits or high fiber foods.

The secret weight management effects of fiber

Including more fiber in our daily diet is not only good for our gut health, but it is also a great way to help manage a healthy weight. Fiber can come in many forms, some common examples are grains and seeds, think of buckwheat, quinoa, almonds, and pumpkin seeds as well as shelled fruits, berries, apples or pears are the ones. good example here. Solid vegetables, broccoli, cauliflower, leeks, squash, kumara and greens can all act as natural fiber boosters.

Fiber acts as a beneficial prebiotic for our gut health, helping to provide more of the long-term effects of probiotics as it serves as the primary fuel source, enhancing any probiotic effects. . As a prebiotic, fiber helps deliver short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs) to our gut, and these acids help our gut microbiome by encouraging more super-friendly gut bacteria. benefits our health in many ways, helping us sleep well, providing energy, supporting a healthy mood and immune health.

In addition, we are now discovering, that our gut flora is an important part of healthy weight management. Certain species of gut bacteria help maintain a healthy weight by aiding the body's metabolism of food.

Whole health care effect

Healthy weight management encompasses both mental and physical health, including both in our approach to help maintain a healthy and overall weight management for each day. What we eat, how we eat, and exercise are all necessary starting points for establishing healthy and easy-to-follow habits. Including our daily well-being such as time to rest, relax, sleep well and favorite times in the past, all of which support an optimal lifestyle and metabolism.

In addition to nutrient-dense whole foods that are good for your mental and physical health, consuming fiber-rich foods that are right for you will help keep your gut healthy to naturally boost your metabolism. Using the 80/20 rule can help you adopt better habits.

This is generally consistent with eating well and being pretty strict about eating 5 days or so of the week with all the superfoods, greens, seeds, nuts, veggies and what's right. with you most concerning meat or vegetable options. Then for 1 or 2 days with a more relaxed approach, this can be used for your physical activities or exercise routine.

Finding what works best for you can take time, but starting and establishing good habits for both mental and physical health will help optimize your daily healthy weight management. you to get more comprehensive effect.

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